Patricia Roy Presenting on Navigating Partition Actions CLE Program

Thrift McLemore is proud to announce that one of our esteemed attorneys, Patricia Roy, will be educating attorneys on the ins and outs of partition actions for CLE credit on March 14.

People who own real estate with someone they aren’t married to and later find co-ownership no longer tenable is a rising part of the modern real estate zeitgeist.

A partition action is a legal proceeding that allows co-owners of a property to seek a court-ordered division or sale of the property when they cannot agree on its use, management, or disposition. 

In her lecture, Patricia will address pre-suit considerations, walk through the partition process, and provide best practices and litigation strategies.

With a wealth of expertise in real estate law and a track record of successfully handling partition actions, she is well-equipped to guide legal professionals through the complexities of partition actions. 

Patricia’s involvement in the upcoming CLE lecture promises to be an enlightening experience for legal professionals seeking a comprehensive understanding of partition actions. 

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