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Thrift McLemore represents both landlords and tenants in disputes and eviction processes. Our attorneys have extensive experience in addressing the eviction process throughout Georgia, including but not limited to Atlanta, Marietta, and Alpharetta.

Whether we are assuring that landlords can operate successful businesses or that tenants are protected from unjust evictions, we know the requirements, timelines, and proofs required to address each client’s unique situation. In addition, our attorneys understand that eviction is a disruptive process for both parties and provide mediation services if requested to attempt to avoid the need for this legal action.

Representing Landlords

When representing landlords, our attorneys provide expert legal counsel to explain your rights and options for evicting tenants who are in violation of their lease agreement. In addition, we can collect monies owed from non-paying tenants and other remedies as needed. Thrift McLemore will also defend you against claims of unjust evictions.

Representing Tenants

Our attorneys assist tenants by assuring that they understand their rights under the lease agreement and will file a claim of unjust eviction if appropriate. We also assist tenants in receiving reimbursement of their security deposit as required by state law.

Our Aim

Our goal is to guide clients through the difficult legal challenges that are part of the eviction process. We fight for the rights of our clients and pursue all legal options to achieve a just result in a timely manner.

Additional Legal Services

Related to eviction access, Thrift McLemore provides the following legal services:

  • Drafting Lease Agreements
  • Collecting Rents
  • Resolving Other Landlord-Tenant Disputes

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