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Business and Corporate Formation

Forming a new business is exciting, and Thrift McLemore has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs in selecting the best structure for their new venture.

The business entity you select will ultimately influence your operations, liability exposure, and taxation. Our attorneys have extensive experience in business and corporate formation, as well as a deep understanding of business law. We can help form an entity structure that aligns with your vision and needs.

Once the proper structure has been selected, our attorneys will prepare and file all documents required to become a registered business entity. If requested, we can also prepare the foundational documents needed as part of the incorporation, including corporate minutes, registered agency, and more.

Types of Business Structures

The four basic entity structures used to start a business include:

Our attorneys will work with you to understand your options and determine which is best for your business.


Our aim is to establish the business or corporate formation that not only meets your needs today but also has the flexibility to adjust as your company grows. We take the time to truly understand your vision for the business, its leadership structure, and operational needs so we can advise you on which entity will provide the best foundation. Our corporate attorneys will assure that you understand the personal liability and tax implications of your choices and will apply their expertise in preparing all necessary documents for the entity’s formation.

Additional Business and Corporation Services

Thrift McLemore provides an array of services to support a business’s ongoing success after its formation:

  • Ownership agreements
  • Non-compete documents
  • Compliant operational documents
  • Compliant employee documents
  • Maintaining good corporate standing
  • Achieving qualifications to conduct business in the State of Georgia
  • Shareholder relations
  • Licensing
  • Tax planning, including local and Federal tax law
  • International Trade, including customs laws, compliance, import/export controls, and related regulatory requirements
  • Employment, including benefit planning, compensation, and labor unions
  • Human resource management
  • Franchising
  • Securities regulation
  • Dispute resolution
  • Antitrust
  • Creditor relations
  • Information technology licensing and management
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Real estate, including environmental regulations and zoning
  • Finance, including secured loan facilities as well as off-balance sheet financing
  • Business succession planning
  • Exit strategies


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