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Wills, Estates and Elder Law

Wills, Estates and Elder Law

While wills and estate-planning are not the most pleasant topics to think about, taking the time to create a will or to routinely review your legal affairs is an important element to protect yourself, your loved ones and your assets. By taking part in advanced planning, our clients are able to reduce burdens placed on their loved ones, save time and expense, and protect their financial assets and property to ensure that future needs can be met.

Elder Care Plans and Associated Documents

Elder Care Plans and associated documents are one of the main concerns brought to us by our client base. While many may not want to reflect on elder care, or even their preferences once they reach end of life care, addressing the issues early on can reduce stress, allow for stronger communication among family members, and improve outcomes so that when the time comes, there is no last minute struggle to make decisions regarding you and your family’s best interests.

We recommend sitting down early and making plans so that they do not create an even larger emotional disturbance if and when they are needed. Routinely reviewing legal documents will also allow for changes to be made to provide for family members and loved ones, and to reflect the changes our clients have had in their wishes for the future as they themselves learn and grow throughout their lives and their situations change.

We provide assistance with Elder Care Plans and associated documents such as Health Care Proxies, Living Wills, Power of Attorney (General/Specific, Springing, and Durable), as well as wills and living trusts, with the most sophisticated distribution and tax planning techniques available.

In the United States, elder care and end of life care are difficult concepts to address. Most consider them taboo and will avoid communicating their wishes with their loved ones or dwelling on the topic because they find it uncomfortable.

At Thrift McLemore, we understand how difficult this process can be and provide legal counseling for our clients regarding what documents need to be prepared, where they should be stored and how to communicate desires with family members to ensure that our client’s preferences are upheld even in the most difficult circumstances.

We have the necessary knowledge of current laws and legal trends, and the most successful legal techniques. By listening closely to our clients, we e able to understand their specific needs and provide counseling and legal support to ensure that their wishes are met.

Relationship-Based Approach

Our relationship-based approach is the cornerstone of our law practice. We strive to build relationships and connections to each of our clients. Not only does this benefit us, since every satisfied client is more likely to continue engaging our services, but more importantly, it serves our clients to have a legal team in place that always looks towards their best interests.

Our aim is to always apply creative and rational solutions to meet each client’s needs. We also strive to understand our clients and their long-term goals to better serve them when it comes to taking care of the current issues in ways that will save them time and money in the future.

Our attorneys are well known for their ability to quickly form an understanding of a client’s family situation and distribution needs, and deliver creative, effective solutions that often can turn problems into creative opportunities.

When it comes to providing legal services and counseling for our clients, we understand that accuracy, timeliness and reliability are a necessity, not an option. We guarantee that every interaction we have with our clients will be based on providing accurate information in a timely manner, and that we will always ensure we live up to our promises.

Our relationship-based approach also gives us the opportunity to become familiar with every client’s needs and specific circumstances, which means that whenever there are changes in tax laws, the economy, your family or other conditions that may affect you in the future, we’re able to anticipate how the changes will affect you and make recommendations on how to lower risks, save money in the long-term, or protect your loved ones and assets.

Family Members

Thrift McLemore also provides legal counseling to family members facing concerns regarding their elderly family members. In many cases, it is the family members who contact us when faced with concerns regarding elderly care, estate planning, or the drafting of a will or living will for their parents or grandparents who have been reluctant to do so themselves. We will work to assist family members with the appropriate resources and options available to them to best assist those in need.


While having a proactive attorney may seem costly, at Thrift McLemore we aim to keep costs down, always respect our client’s budgets and time considerations, and stay on top of recent policy trends, market changes and laws to ensure that every client is represented to the best of our ability, without being forced to pay for us to get up to date while working through our client’s cases. This gives us the ability to make proactive suggestions that our clients can take to address concerns that may arise in the future, and even use our knowledge to improve their present life situations.

While we ourselves take the proactive approach, we also advocate that our clients do the same. By addressing legal issues early and considering the future throughout different life stages, our clients can rest easy knowing that they and their loved ones are taken care of without accruing large legal expenses down the road.

Thrift McLemore offers a full array of estate-planning and senior-law services, including:

  • Wills
  • Living wills
  • Trusts
  • Elder-care plans
  • Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Proxies
  • Distribution and planning
  • Estate planning
  • Tax-planning
  • Health care and Medicare issues.

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We will always be transparent and honest in our assessments and communication with each client, taking the time to listen to our client’s concerns and providing accurate feedback and legal counsel that best meets their needs. Our attorneys are always available to explain our services in detail and answer questions, from the big picture issues facing our clients to the smaller aspects of planning that might get overlooked.

At Thrift McLemore, we understand how important it is to communicate properly and ensure that everyone is on the same page, especially when it comes to this sensitive practice area.

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