Craig Thrift and Ryan McLemore Featured in VoyageATL Interview

Craig Thrift and Ryan McLemore

We’re honored to share a glimpse into the journey of Thrift McLemore through the lens of VoyageATL. Craig Thrift and Ryan McLemore, friends turned co-founders, embarked on a mission to redefine the legal landscape. Their story, from the inception of a modern, team-focused law firm to addressing the complex needs of business owners, is a testament to innovation and dedication. Facing challenges head-on, they’ve fostered a unique workplace culture, emphasizing flexibility and community. Dive deeper into how Thrift McLemore stands apart, delivering unparalleled legal services with a personal touch.

Thrift McLemore embraces modernity, offering a one-stop solution for business, real estate, and estate planning law services. The firm prioritizes a flexible, enjoyable work environment and team cohesion, even in a predominantly virtual setting, setting them apart with their unique blend of professional expertise and personal touch in client service.

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