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Start Ups – #GAStartUpLawyer

With the entrepreneurial spirit taking hold of America and redefining the modern American Dream, startups are becoming more commonplace across business sectors nationwide—and increasing the need for knowledgeable legal representation to protect their best interests at each stage of the business life cycle. New business owners are familiar with the challenges in the startup phase and as the business grows, and those just starting out are learning firsthand how complex the legal aspects of business are.

That’s where Thrift McLemore comes in. Our business startup lawyers are just as passionate as our clients when it comes to getting the business started on the right foot.

Our team is ready to assist with all aspects of the business, from the start-up process through the progression of becoming a well-established business with a strong foundation for future growth.

Our Aim

Our team has represented a wide range of entrepreneurial startups from a diverse assortment of commercial markets, as well as provided legal guidance and services to venture capitalists and private equity companies looking to invest in a strong startup enterprise—giving our team of insights into not only starting up a company but successfully positioning it for optimal future growth.

By drawing on our past experiences and deep legal and technical knowledge of business law, we understand the issues that startups face and how to successfully navigate the pitfalls. Our aim is to provide creative and realistic legal advice and representation to every client, while remaining transparent and honest in every conversation that takes place.

Consultation & First Steps

Our startup consultation is geared towards understanding the business and an assessment of the stage of the startup. From there, we’ll break down the complexities of the legal needs the startup faces, from how the company will be structured, entity options that would best serve the current and future interests of the company, to labor and tax laws that will have an impact on the business at present. During this time, we will also be considering ways we can advise and assist the startup through providing introductions and networking within the community to improve opportunities to gain funding for the venture.

Thrift McLemore views our clients’ success as our own success, and one of our greatest passions is helping our clients achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. We work one-on-one with our clients to find the best solutions in ways that not only meet our client’s budget but that also complement the management practices of the startup itself.

Growth Opportunities

We believe that it’s never too early to start thinking growth—even at the beginning stages of a startup’s life cycle. We guarantee that we will always be thinking steps ahead to ensure that our client’s business foundation is solid enough to expand growth at any pace. From incorporation to formation, operations, future opportunities and exit strategies, we aim to represent our startup clients in every stage of growth and provide general counsel along the way, without detracting from the present stage and immediate needs of the business.


Startups often exist because of funding opportunities, and our firm represents a wide range of principals and investors when it comes to investment opportunities. We know what investors are looking for and are knowledgeable in all of the available opportunities for startups—including private equity funds, investment pools, and venture capital funds. We also work to guide our clients in maintaining fund compliance so that there are no accidental lapses or non-compliance issues that would rip funding away. We provide a wide range of counseling when it comes to funding opportunities and work to negotiate the best deals for our startup clients to meet their goals.

Our services range from legal compliance to general problems solving, and include:

  • Determining the appropriate form of business entry for your startup
  • Preparation and filing of documents
  • Organization
  • Capitalization
  • Hiring employees
  • Employee contracts, compensation and benefits
  • Creating employee policies and handbooks
  • Engaging contractors
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Licensing
  • Technology agreements
  • Regulatory issues
  • Copyright infringement
  • Leasing commercial space
  • Securing funding
  • Creating and implementing corporate governance guidelines
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts
  • Long-term planning
  • Tax planning—including state and federal tax laws
  • Establishing business succession plans
  • Positioning the company for a successful merger or acquisition transaction

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Budget and Time Considerations

When it comes to startups, Thrift McLemore always hasbudget and time considerations firmly in mind. While the processes outlined above can seem long, drawn out and costly, our expertise in the field means that we’re able to cover all the legal needs and general counsel for startup ventures without working into overtime. Our team’s collective knowledge and familiarity with the startup process mean a streamlined approach to legal counsel that still allows for flexible and creative solutions within the startup plan to keep each client’s unique story, ambitions and long-term goals firmly involved in the process.

Our client’s budget is the starting point for our work and not an afterthought. By addressing budget concerns from the very first meeting, our team works within those constraints to provide high quality, realistic and transparent legal counsel and assistance to make the startup dream a reality.

Getting bogged down in the legalese can often turn even the most promising startup venture into a nightmare, but by hiring Thrift McLemore to assist in the legal side of the business, startup owners are able to receive assistance and advice in developing real—and realistic—solutions to address common startup issues and navigate through the painful early growth stages of the business. Our team is dedicated, professional, and always striving for honesty. We’ll never load our clients down with legal jargon they don’t understand or avoid giving an honest assessment of current issues to make it seem like everything is running according to plan.

Our startup lawyers live for the ins and outs of the legal side of business, meaning our clients can rest assured that they’re in good hands while they get back to the more important work of running the new company.

For more information on our startup legal offerings, contact us directly.